Understanding the socio-ecological impacts of banning trophy hunting in Botswana

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Helen Muller

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2017 (Cohort 4)

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Understanding the socio-ecological impacts of banning trophy hunting in Botswana

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International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

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Dr Dilys Roe


Hunting and conservation in Africa have been linked throughout much of the conservation movement’s lifetime. The contribution of hunting to conservation however, is a matter of intense debate. The voice against hunting has been amplified recently by the growing online western public, leading to increased cries to ban the practice across the continent. After following a sustainable use model of conservation since the 1980s, the government of Botswana set a moratorium on hunting on all state and communal land in January 2014. Using a mixture of research techniques, this project will aim to add to the understanding of some of the social and ecological impacts of that decision and implications for conservation in the country. The project aims to review the state of the Africa-wide hunting industry to understand the wider context of this complex issue, before gaining an understanding of the Botswana hunting industry prior to the moratorium. It then aims to determine some of the impacts the ban has had on wildlife populations trends and dynamics; changes in land use; possible impacts on the well-being of local communities and changes in their attitudes to wildlife and conservation. Throughout, the complexity of these issues will be acknowledged and confounding factors highlighted.

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