Past Research Experience Placements

2017: Microclimate Monitoring of Green Roofs in London using Low Cost Sensors to Evaluate Contribution to Climate Change Adaptation

Undertaken by Martin Birch, supervised by Dr. Mark Mulligan and Dr. Bruce Main at KCL. Project Details

2017: Is population differentiation underestimated by Fst in practice?

Undertaken by Nodar Barbakadze, supervised by Dr. Jinliang Wang at IOZ. Project Details

2016: An Interactive Labelling Tool for Marine Life Detection

Undertaken by Samprit Bains, supervised by Chris Yessen and Kirsty Kemp at the Institute of Zoology.
Project Details

2015: Improving accessibility of biological (genomic) data for pollinators and other insects

Filip Ter, an undergraduate currently studying for an MSci in Computer Science, conducted a 10-week Research Experience Placement with Dr Yannick Wurm at Queen Mary University of London in the summer of 2015. The aim of the project was to process large genomic datasets and improve visualisation techniques as part of a larger NERC-funded project to sequence bumblebee genomes. During the project the student created new scripts and contributed improvements and bug fixes to private scripts for the lab group as well as public software produced by the lab. These open source scripts are available on GitHub. Filip has remained engaged with the project after the end of his official placement.

2017: Automatically identifying, prioritizing and extracting global biodiversity information

Undertaken by Patrick Hainge, supervised by Dr. Robin Freeman at IOZ. Project Details

2016: Unravelling Seed Traits to Underpin Global Conservation of the Palms Arecaceae

Undertaken by Lucy Roberts, supervised by Steven Dodworth at Kew.
Project Details

2015: Magma Dynamics Modeling of the Earth’s Core-Mantle Boundary

Michael Stevens, an undergraduate studying for an Msci in Mathematics, conducted a 10-week Research Experience Placement with Dr Saswata Hier-Majumder at Royal Holloway University of London in the summer of 2015. The project aimed to carry out parallel numerical simulations of magma dynamics using the finite elements method. This involved programming in Pythion, running simulations on ARCHER, the UK supercomputing facility, and developing visualisations from the results. As a result of the project, Michael submitted an abstract to the Fall Americal Geophyical Union Conference, as first author, and will be coauthor on papers resulting from this collaborative project.
Our 2017 REP students said they more likely to pursue a career in research as a result of the placement, and that their placements helped them develop skills in statistical analysis, lab work, field work, public engagement and project management.

2016: Remote sensing of melt ponds

Undertaken by Callum Watson, supervised by Michel Tsamados at UCL.
Project Details

2015: Natural Resources and Well-being

Angela Denore, an undergraduate studying for an Bsc in Economics and Mathematics, conducted an eight-week Research Experience Placement with Prof Dan Osborn at University College London in the summer of 2015. The project aimed to examine the links between natural resources and human well-being in national and international documents and other information sources. It involved examining reports and developing a conceptual model of how environmental, social and economic factors might be linked to personal and wider community or social well-being.

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