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Student research makes headlines

In a new study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, a team led by Huw Groucutt and Michael D. Petraglia and including DTP student Richard Clark-Wilson, has made headlines around the world for their discovery of an 88,000 year old fossilised finger bone from a lake site in Saudi Arabia, challenging the idea that humans… Read More ›

Student presents at Nature Live

DTP student Ellen Coombes presented a Nature Live talk on Microplastics and Whales, as part of the Natural History Museum’s Operation Earth event on Sunday the 8th April.

Student research featured in BBC News article

A new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, led by DTP student Andrew Knapp has been featured on the BBC News website. Read the full paper: Knapp et al. (2018) Patterns of divergence in the morphology of ceratopsian dinosaurs: sympatry is not a driver of ornament evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society… Read More ›

Student Introduces Natural Flood Management Project

DTP student Olly van Biervliet has made a video about his PhD project on natural flood management, which is available to view on the Van Walt You Tube channel.

Student presents Nature Live Talk

DTP student Ellen Coombes will be presenting a Nature Live talk about The Social Side of the Killer Whale‘ at the Natural History Museum at 3pm on the 26th January 2018, where she’ll be discussing the social side of orcas, from close-knit relationships in family pods to sophisticated hunting techniques involving highly cooperative behaviour. Later… Read More ›

Student appears as guest on Wild Flower Hour Podcast

DTP student Leif Bersweden appeared as a guest on the first ever Wild Flower Half Hour Podcast.

Students take part in Wallmas Talks

DTP students presented talks as part of the Center For Ecology and Evolution’s annual festival celebration, Wallmas.

Student presents research at Institute of Making

DTP student Stephen Long will be presenting a talk at the UCL Institute of Making on Tuesday 12th December.

Student Publishes Winter Tree Key

DTP student Leif Bersweden has produced a key to complement the FSC Winter Trees Guide published by the Species Recovery Trust.

Student takes part in Greenland Research Cruise

DTP student Stephen Long has been part of a ZSL team of scientists that embarked on a research voyage around west Greenland to survey the deep sea. Related links: ZSL Wild Science Blog: Sea cucumbers, carnivorous sponges and other deep sea creatures Exploring the habitats on the seabed of West Greenland Benthic communities off the… Read More ›

Student authors book, “The Orchid Hunter”

DTP student Leif Bersweden has published a book entitled, “The Orchid Hunter: A young botanist’s search for happiness“. The book chronicles Leif’s mission one summer – to find every species of orchid native to the British Isles, a task nobody had ever managed within a single growing season. Related events: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford –… Read More ›

Student co-authors popular science book, “Does it Fart?”

DTP student Dani Rabaiotti has co-authored a popular science book with Nick Caruso entitled “Does it Fart? A Definitive Guide to Animal Flatulence“. The book began as an innocent question on Twitter, which sparked the imagination of scientists and non-scientists alike. The result is an authoritative guide to animal flatulence, with contributions from dozens of… Read More ›

Students co-author magazine article

DTP students Sally Faulkner and Michael Stevens have co-authored an article for Chalkdust Magazine on geographic profiling, entitled: “Geographic Profiling: Murder, Maths, Malaria and Mammals“. Imagine you’re a police officer working on a huge case of serial crime. You’ve been handed the list of suspects, but to your horror 268,000 names are on it! You… Read More ›

Ocean Family Festival

DTP student Ellen Coombs will be speaking at the Ocean Family Festival at the Natural History Museum, London on the 25th and 26th October as part of the “Wonderful Whales” show.

Student joins the Functional Ecology Blog

DTP student Richard Beason has joined the team at Functional Ecologists, the official blog for the Journal Functional Ecology. Read his first post, “Meet the researcher – Richard Beason“ You can follow Rich’s posts here.

Frontiers in Natural Environment Research – 2017 Student Conference

Read the storify from this year’s joint DTP student conference at Imperial College London.

Whales: Beneath the surface @ Natural History Museum Lates

Join Ellen Coombs and other whale biologists for an evening at the Natural History Museum. As part of their Museum Lates series, Ellen will present spectacular specimens from the collections, including part of a whale foetus, a narwhal replica tusk and a sperm whale’s tooth, and will reveal incredible cetacean feeding and communication strategies. The event is free to attend.

Sarah Jones performs for Science Showoff at Bluedot Festival

Sarah Jones performed stand-up comedy for Science Showoff at Bluedot Festival in July 2017.

Whale Weekender at UCL Grant Museum

The Grant Museum of Zoology set itself the challenge of re-building its largest specimen, a northern bottle-nosed whale skeleton, and they asked the public to join in and help clean 157 years’ worth off dust off their whale skeleton and reassemble it during a two-day event at UCL in July 2017. DTP student Ellen Coombs volunteered at the event and took over the Grant Museum twitter account for a day.

Frontiers in Natural Environment Research Student Conference

Registration and abstract submission are now open for the 2017 joint student-led summer conference, Frontiers in Natural Environment Research. The conference offers a fantastic place to present your work to peers in a relaxed and engaging environment, and network across the three DTPs. London NERC DTP, London SSCP DTP, and Reading & Surrey SCENARIO DTP students and supervisors are warmly invited to attend.

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