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Ian Matthews  /  RHUL
Understanding the dynamics of vegetation: delineating drivers of change within periods of abrupt su...
Chris Carbone  /  IOZ
Human-wildlife co-occurrence: understanding the causes of vulnerability and resilience to human popu...
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Sam Turvey  /  IOZ
Assessing the efficacy of different survey techniques to determine status and threats to the Endange...
Dr. Simon Blockley  /  RHUL
Assessing the extent of semi-arid environments in Late Quaternary Eurasia using mammalian evidence: ...
Gerhard Leubner  /  RHUL
Dimorphic fruits, seeds and seedlings in Aethionema arabicum as adaptation mechanisms to abiotic str...
Heather Bonney  /  NHM
Archaeological Human Remains from the River Thames and its London Deposits
Pieter Vermeesch  /  UCL
Sahara Dune Sands: Quantifying Celerity, Dust Production, and Provenance
Nick Drake  /  KCL
Evaluating transport of African mineral dust to the Amazon Basin
Neil Rose  /  UCL
Temporal and spatial distribution of microplastics in the sediments of UK rural and urban lakes
Katherine Homewood  /  UCL
Cultural change and sustainability of subsistence hunting of long beaked echidnas and other large v...
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