Ziheng Yang

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Ziheng Yang

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Ziheng Yang

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Genetics, Evolution and Environment

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RA Fisher Professor of Statistical Genetics


Ziheng Yang is the R.A. Fisher Chair in Statistical Genetics at University College London, and the Director of UCL Centre for Computational Biology, since 2010. He obtained a Ph.D. in agronomy in 1992 from Beijing Agricultural University, and joined UCL in 1997, first as a lecturer, then reader and professor. His research interests include molecular evolution, population genetics, computational biology, and computational statistics. He develops statistical methods and computer software for comparative analysis of genetic sequence data. He has been developing and maintaining two widely used program packages: PAML and BPP. He has published ~200 scientific papers and two books. He won several awards including Frink Medal for British Zoologists from The Zoological Society of London (2010), and Presidents’ Award for Lifetime Achievement from Society for Systematic Biology (2008). He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2006.

Research Interests:

Phylogenomics, population genomics, inference of species phylogenies, molecular clock dating of species divergences, cross-species gene flow, Bayesian statistics, MCMC

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