Raymond Ward

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Dr. Raymond Ward

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Raymond Ward

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School of Geography

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Reader Environmental Sciences


My research aims to identify the principle impacts global change on coastal and marine ecosystems with a current diverse team consisting of 6 PhD students. I have led a range of projects focused on the impacts of climate change on coastal ecosystems including drought, flooding, storms, and sea level rise, as well as working for more than a decade and a half on investigating the role of blue carbon for climate mitigation and the drivers of rates of sequestration and influences on carbon stocks in coastal and marine systems. I also research the impacts of pollution on coastal ecosystem resilience and ecosystem service provision.

Research Interests:

Coastal/marine ecology, blue carbon, coastal/marine climate change impacts, coastal/marine pollution

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No exemplar projects advertised.

Phd Students

Raymond Ward does not currently supervise any London NERC DTP PhD students

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