Jessica Turner

Jessica Turner

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Jessica Turner

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2019 (Cohort 6)

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Hedgehogs in greater London: Viability of fragmented populations in urban environments

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Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation

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The western European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) is declining rapidly in the UK and across central Europe. Urban environments are becoming increasingly important habitats for the species, due to higher food availability, nesting opportunities, and reduced pressure from predators. Yet, urban environments are very different to natural landscapes, with sever habitat loss and fragmentation posing challenges for the long-term survival of wildlife populations. In London, hedgehog populations are declining and have collapsed in the city centre, with a single population remaining in Regents Park. Understanding the impact of fragmented urban environments on hedgehog populations will be vital for effective conservation management but has been little studied. This project aims to address this knowledge gap, combining ecological and genetic approaches to identify how the urban landscape shapes hedgehog distributions, genetic structure and connectivity across greater London, providing valuable insights for the future management of this charismatic species in urban environments.

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