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Mihaiela Swift

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Mihaiela Swift

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2016 (Cohort 3)

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Spatialising the interactions between people, animals, volcanic hazard and local perceptions and responses in Mexico – are there context-specific differences between urban and rural sites at risk from Popocatepetl volcano?

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Natural and Biological Hazards

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This research will assess the context-specific, spatial impacts that animals and animal-keeping exert upon people’s perceptions of, and responses to, continuous volcanic hazards. A comparison will be made between urban and rural sites at risk from Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico. Semi-structured group interviews, participatory hazard mapping, and a georeferenced household survey will be used to ask questions about animals, animal-keeping, chronic volcanic hazard impacts and risk perceptions. Multivariate spatial analysis of household survey and participatory hazard mapping data, alongside physical hazard and census socioeconomic data, will be used to identify key spatial relationships related to the ‘animal factor’, that may be utilised to target local volcanic risk reduction approaches for the future. Local knowledges about hazards will be disseminated back to observatory institutions, to further the scientific understanding of continuous volcanic hazard impacts. Results will also be disseminated back to studied communities via education initiatives, to enable contextrelevant risk reduction.

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