Jonathan Sutton

Jonathan Sutton

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Jonathan Sutton

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2022 (Cohort 9)

Research interests:

My background is in maths and computer science, and I worked for ~3 years as a software engineer on systems for tackling spam and abuse. I also worked on privacy incident response.

I completed my masters in ecology and evolution in 2022, and I am interested in techniques in computational and theoretical ecology, particularly mechanistic modelling and simulation. I like the potential of modelling to help us get to the heart of the mechanisms behind patterns we observe in the world.

I’m open to being wooed by interesting problems of any flavour, but at the moment I’m particularly excited by these areas:

– Disease ecology and epidemiology — what are the factors behind disease emergence and spread? how can we predict and prevent pandemics?
– Wild animal welfare — how is this affected by population-level interactions, for example disease and predation? how can we ensure conservation benefits individual animals as well as biodiversity? what is it like to be a wild animal?
– Community assemblage and persistance — how do communities form? what types of interactions and disturbances can destabilise them?
– Interactions between ecology and evolution — what feedback loops exist between population behaviour and evolution?
– Economics and ecology — how do markets interact with ecological systems? what risks/benefits exist when harnessing markets to tackle goals in biodiversity and climate?

Hobbies and interests:

I took up Esperanto during the pandemic (bonvolu sendi al mi retpoŝtaĵon, se vi kapablas legi ĉi tion!), and I’m keen on languages in general (currently learning Czech). One of my hobbies is editing Wikipedia, my quest is to ensure that every animal/plant page has a nice picture. I go bouldering often — indoors, but looking forwards to trying it outdoors too!

PhD Project
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Extending coexistence theory to predict impact of plant invasions on biodiversity.

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Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation

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