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Dr Artemis Skarlatidou

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Artemis Skarlatidou

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Lecturer in Citizen Science


I am a Lecturer in Citizen Science in the Department of Geography, since 2022, and a Geography member of the People Nature Lab (UCL Biosciences) at UCL East, where I am responsible for organising and running the new MSc in Ecology and Citizen Science Programme which will launch in September 2024. My research and teaching focus on socio-technical perspectives and concerns that arise from the implementation of public participation approaches, including citizen science, to address social and environmental issues.

Research Interests:

My research is grounded to my interdisciplinary background and my vision and long-standing commitment to support creating more just societies and a more sustainable world. Towards this end, I am particularly interested in the democratisation of scientific and policy processes by enabling citizens – especially marginalised and underrepresented individuals and communities – to actively take part in the co-shaping of research and policy agendas. My research has the following cross-cutting themes:
1. Socio-technical and design perspectives in the implementation of geographic interfaces and technologies: The trust-building potential of bottom-up participatory approaches in science and environmental sustainability.
2. The trust-building potential of bottom-up participatory approaches in science and environmental sustainability: The second line of my research focuses on exploring the trust-building processes of bottom-up participatory approaches (in and outside citizen science) and of the technological artefacts that support these initiatives.

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