Yara Shennan-Farpon

Yara Shennan-Farpon

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Yara ShennanFarpon
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2017 (Cohort 4)

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Identifying pathways for habitat restoration in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil with co-benefits for biodiversity and local livelihoods
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Biodiversity and Ecology
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Ken Norris

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Katherine Homewood

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The Atlantic Forest of Brazil (Mata Atl├óntica) is one of the world’s top 25 biodiversity hotspots for conservation, lying within the most species rich realm on Earth, the Neotropics. Around 80% of Brazil’s population live within the biome range, creating strong competition for land and natural resources between population and the biodiversity of the area. Only an estimated 11-16% of the original natural habitat remains, and research suggests safeguarding its flora and fauna requires restoring native forest to reach at least 30% of its original extent. This project focuses on plans and mechanisms for forest restoration, considering socio-economic impacts and analysing land use change options which will provide co-benefits for biodiversity and local populations. The analysis will assess the options and implications of different restoration pathways to 2050 studying what is defined as successful restoration in an ecological and social context, and what policy frameworks are most likely to increase the chances of a successful outcome for the people and biodiversity of the Mata Atl├óntica.

The project will use a combination of back-casting techniques, Participatory Scenario Modelling and partial economic equilibrium modelling, and will use existing quantitative data and a combination of qualitative social data collected through fieldwork and from existing empirical evidence. Targeted interviews and scenario workshops will be run, focusing on farm-owners, and researchers and practitioners in the field of restoration. This research addresses important policy questions relating to the state of biodiversity and ecosystems in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, assessing the options within nature conservation policies and the socio-economic implications for reducing key habitat pressures

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