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Annalisa Sheehan

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Annalisa Sheehan

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2018 (Cohort 5)

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Geospatial estimation of non-exhaust emissions using remote earth observation

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Environmental Pollution

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Vehicle exhaust pollution has had substantial press coverage recently as a result of Dieselgate and increased evidence of a range of health end points. However, Non-Exhaust Emissions (NEE) such as brake and tyre wear are currently estimated to contribute 50% of vehicle emissions in London and the health impact of these particles, relative to exhaust emissions, remain uncertain. In the future, as exhaust emissions are abated, these sources will become more important for both environmental policy development and human health impact.

Emission inventories are key in determining significant sources of air pollution and provide vital data used in air pollution modelling. Currently, in London, the emission inventory on NEE is limited and is not representative of London as a whole. It lacks information on road type, condition and ground-based measurements at different sites. Globally, NEE emission inventories are limited or non-existent.
This project will use high-time resolution measurement equipment to produce detailed Particulate Matter species compositions in cities with a range of climatology to develop NEE factors. Global high-resolution satellite imagery will be used to identify vehicle movement, road by road, in global cities. The vehicle counts will be combined with emission factors and measurements to update emission inventories and conduct source apportionment.

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