Mohammad Shamsudduha

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Dr Mohammad Shamsudduha

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Mohammad Shamsudduha

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Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction

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Associate Professor


I am Associate Professor in Humanitarian Science at UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR). By academic training and educational background, I am a geoscientist, deeply interested in the geospatial distribution of earth’s water resources, sustainable development of freshwater for poverty alleviation, food security and good human health. My research interests include hydrometeorological and climatological hazard risks, climate change impacts on global hydro-ecological systems, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) services, and climate adaptations for freshwater supply. Having a decade-long research experience in water and international development, my aim is to bridge the gap between humanitarian and development fields as I strongly argue that the protracted humanitarian crises and human displacement that are recently on the rise because of regional conflicts, and disasters from natural hazards and climate crisis cannot be solved with short-term humanitarian interventions, rather it would require long-term solutions through sustainable development, social changes, and true global cooperation. I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy research on global environmental challenges through my knowledge, technical skills and collaboration with researchers from across the globe.

Research Interests:

Water risk, Water security, Sustainable water resources, Groundwater, Surface water, Water contamination, Water and public health, GIS and remote sensing, Hydroinformatics, Remote sensing, Earth Observation, Groundwater modelling, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa

Exemplar Projects

Mohammad Shamsudduha currently has the following exemplar projects advertised:

Phd Students

Mohammad Shamsudduha supervises the following DTP students:

David Seddon
Earth, Atmosphere and. . .

2014 (Cohort 1)

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