Claudia Sgambato

Claudia Sgambato

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Claudia Sgambato

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2017 (Cohort 4)

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Variations in fault parameters and seismic hazard in the Central and Southern Italian Apennines

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Solid Earth Dynamics

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Fault locations and slip rates are the principal drivers of the geography and rates of seismic hazard. Previous studies have shown that the geometry of faults affects the long-term strain-rate across faults and hence the rate of seismic moment release in earthquakes.

This project will investigate the relationship between the variability in fault strike and the following parameters: fault orientation, fault length, fault dip, the configuration of a fault in relation to the surrounding faults and slip to length ratios. What drives the variability in slip-rates along faults need to be understood to improve fault-based seismic hazard assessments. To achieve this, faults in Southern Italy will be studied and compared to faults in Central Italy. Detailed measurements of fault geometry and slip-rates will be made across faults in the Central and Southern Apennines. Techniques adopted will increase ground-based fieldwork and structure from motion analyses. Detailed analyses of how strain-rates vary along faults and Coulomb Stress Transfer calculations will be performed. These calculations will be put in the context of seismic hazard calculations and their relevance for earthquake risk.

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  • EGU 2020 (May 2020). Poster:

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