Brittany Pugh

Brittany Pugh

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Brittany Pugh

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2023 (Cohort 10)

Research interests:

Brittany undertook a BSc in Geography at the University of Nottingham finishing in 2021, before continuing on as an ecological research assistant. This work included a range of projects from leopard population density estimation using camera trapping data to build machine learning density models, to questionnaire design to assess UK public perception on freshwater pollution. From 2022-2023 Brittany undertook an MSc in Remote sensing and Environmental Mapping at UCL. Brittany aims to combine her enthusiasm for functional, phylogenetic and biological interaction ecology with remote sensing methodologies in order to understand how biological communities respond to disturbances at a range of spatial and temporal scales. She is also currently part of the sTeTra international working group based in iDiv in Leipzig, Germany, looking at organism trait changes through the Anthropocene. Throughout her studies, Brittany has also engaged strongly with the peer reviewing process, both during her role as Deputy Senior Research editor for the Journal of Young Investigators (largest international undergraduate research journal) and as a reviewer for journals such as Current Biology and Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Hobbies and interests:

In her free time, Brittany loves all things outdoors (cycling, hiking, running), alongside cooking, reading and live music.

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Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation

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