Joshua Powell

Joshua Powell

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Joshua Powell
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2019 (Cohort 6)

Research interests:

Large carnivores, conservation, conservation geopolitics, endangered species, illegal wildlife trade, island conservation

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PhD Project
PhD Title
Challenges and Opportunities for Transboundary Conservation of Amur tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) in North-East Asia
Research Theme
Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
Primary Supervisor

Sarah Durant

Primary Institution
Secondary Supervisor

Jan Axmacher

Secondary Institution
Additional supervisor(s)
Linda Kerley (ANO Amur in partnership with ZSL, Russia),
John Ewen (IoZ),
John Linnell (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research),

My PhD research focuses on the transboundary conservation of large carnivores, primarily focused on north-east Asia and the world’s largest extant cat, the Amur tiger (Panthera tigris tigris). This necessitates the use of a range of research techniques from the biological and social sciences within an inter-disciplinary framework, in order to evaluate threats to transboundary Amur tiger populations at both a local and regional scale, as well as the potential opportunities and limitations for conservation interventions, including international wildlife law, conservation translocations and mitigation of human-tiger conflict. I am a National Geographic Explorer and one of the faces of WWF’s #WWFVoices campaign on global biodiversity.

Policy Impact
Background Reading
Grants and awards
  • BES Regional Fund (Public Engagement) – British Ecological Society
“Death by Tiger” – Korean Tiger Hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. Podcast Interview. Contributors: Working Over Time with Dr Karen Bellinger, by LittleFire & Past Preservers.Rewilding in the UK. Podcast Interview. Contributors: For Goodness Sake Podcast with Phil Baker and Rich Scully, by Will Walter.
News & Blogs
Meet the meat-eating ducks of South Georgia, Metro
Meet the meat-eating ducks of South Georgia, WWF
Meet the meat-eating ducks of South Georgia, The Conversation
Meet the meat-eating ducks of South Georgia benefiting from human help, i (newspaper)

Conferences and Workshops
  • Joint DTP Conference: Engaging Sustainability (September 2020). Talk: Can historical records and (local) ecological knowledge reveal where cryptic Amur tiger and Amur leopard populations were historically present on the Korean Peninsula and where they might still occur?.
  • Interdisciplinary Conservation Network 2020/21. Workshop: Illegal wildlife trade and human-felid conflict: a framework for evaluating linkages in the big-cat trade.
  • Big Cat Conservation Biology Online Seminar Series – Seoul National University, South Korea (September/October 2020).
  • ZSL Science Conference (November 2020). Speed Talk: Discovery of a new urban leopard (Panthera pardus) population from north-east Asia.

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