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Dr Alessandro Poma

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Alessandro Poma

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Division of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, UCL Eastman Dental Institute

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Lecturer in Biomaterials and Allied Subjects


Dr Alessandro Poma obtained his MSc degree in Pharmaceutical Technology and Chemistry at the University of Palermo in 2009 with a thesis on polymeric micelles for drug delivery, developed in the Laboratory of Biocompatible Polymers (led by Prof Gaetano Giammona). At the end of the same year, he started a PhD in the Cranfield Biotechnology Centre (now Leicester Biotechnology Centre), led by Prof Sergey Piletsky. In 2013 he graduated with a thesis on the automatic solid-phase synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymeric nanoparticles (MIP NPs). Since then, he has been working on solid-phase synthesis and applications of MIP NPs able to perform as “synthetic antibodies”. From April 2013 until September 2014, he has worked in the group of Dr Nicholas W. Turner at the Open University on the development of hybrid DNA and aptamer-MIPs and MIP NPs for diagnostic applications. In 2014 he has been awarded a David Sainsbury Fellowship for 3 years from the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research for the 3Rs (NC3Rs) to work between UCL Chemistry (Molecular Bionics group led by Prof Giuseppe Battaglia) and the University of Leicester on the synthesis of MIP NPs as non-animal antibodies substitutes for influenza virus detection. Whilst at UCL, he refreshed his expertise and love with self-assembled polymeric systems for drug delivery and biological applications, leading the synthetic chemistry suite of the Molecular Bionics group until the end of 2018. After a short but invaluable period as Faculty Impact Coordinator in the MAPS Faculty at UCL, Dr Poma was appointed Lecturer in Biomaterials and Allied Science and joined the Eastman Dental Institute in this role from June 2019. Here he is directing his focus towards the development of functional imprinted matrixes capable of driving the specific tissue differentiation and healing in case of injury, trauma or disease.

Research Interests:

Molecular imprinting, drug delivery, diagnostics, environmental monitoring, biosensors, polymers, nanomaterials

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