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Adam Piper

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Adam Piper

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Behavioural and Population Ecology Theme

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Postdoctoral Researcher

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My research focusses on the behavioural ecology of migratory fish. I work principally on European eel and brown trout / sea trout, employing acoustic telemetry and sonar technologies in field environments to improve our understanding of fish behaviour. I am particularly interested in the responses of diadromous fish to environmental stimuli (e.g. hydrodynamics, acoustics) and how these can be used to develop more effective fish guidance and passage technologies.
I conduct applied research and have a strong interest in translating findings into real world management applications. Broadly, my work is directed towards developing robust and practical solutions to mitigate for the impacts of anthropogenic structures (e.g. weirs, dams, water pumps and hydropower) on fish populations and facilitate the free movement of migratory fish. I work closely with partners at University College London, relevant public bodies (Environment Agency, Cefas), industry (water and power) and environmental NGOs (Wild Trout Trust, The Rivers Trusts, Atlantic Salmon Trust, Wildlife Trusts).

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