Rebecca Pearce

Rebecca Pearce

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Rebecca Pearce

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2015 (Cohort 2)

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Exploratory field geophysics
Gravity anomaly, seismic & magnetotelluric surveying
Andean crustal scale fault dynamics and magma conduit evolution

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Nature of the link between tectonics and volcanism in the Centra and Southern Andes

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Solid Earth Dynamics

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In a tectonic regime dominated by North-South oriented convergent stresses, margin oblique lineaments in the main cordillera of the Chilean Andes are theorized to significantly contribute to the dynamic evolution of this mountain belt as hydrothermal and geothermal fluid migrational pathways. In order to deduce the role of these transverse structures in magma and hydrothermal fluid transport within the volcanic arc, the depth extent, lithological composition and architectural properties of the faults must be assessed. High density mineral constituents associated with hydrothermally metasomatized fault zones generate a positive, short-wavelength gravity and magentotelluric signature and are characterized by high velocity seismic wave signals; planar interfaces between fault fracture zones and surrounding intact host rocks are also detectable through seismic readings. This study is a combined geophysical seismic and gravity survey assessment of the misoriented fault systems that occur within the Rio Teno & Rio Tinguiririca region of the Transitional Southern Volcanic zone. The concluding analysis of the structural and compositional properties of these structures will contribute to the four year FONDECYT 1141139 research project that aims to comprehensively determine the role of these fault zones in the orogenic evolution of this latitudinal section of the Andean mountain range.

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