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Jonathan Mille

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Jonathan Mille

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2018 (Cohort 5)

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Vulnerability to hydro-meteorological hazards: interactive mapping solutions and enhanced data analysis and visualisation.

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Natural and Biological Hazards

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Social and physical vulnerabilities contribute greatly to human, economic and infrastructure losses associated with hazardous events, and yet they remain poorly understood and challenging to visualise and communicate. This project aims to assess and map vulnerability hot spots in the central and northern catchments of Chile, which host communities, agriculture, water resources and globally-significant critical infrastructures highly exposed to geological and hydrometeorological hazards. These hot spots will be critically assessed using remote sensing and GIS tools. The data generated will be combined with that from field studies to produce interactive web maps, which will portray critical spatial and temporal components of vulnerabilities exposed to various natural hazards in order to highlight areas more vulnerable. The maps will be evaluated and tested to help communicate findings to stakeholders in the most effective way.

The project will provide useful and usable maps to those who need it most in formats that are relevant, functional and easy to use. The maps will be tailored to the exact needs of end users using citizen science methodologies, which will be achieved by testing them with a variety of potential user groups. Specifically, map design, construction and interactivity will be co- produced iteratively with potential users throughout the project. The measure of the impact of the research will be the application of the tools by the external project partners.

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