Olwenn Martin


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Dr Olwenn Martin

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Olwenn Martin

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Arts Sciences

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Associate Professor in Health and Environment


Building on an academic interdisciplinary background in both Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Environmental Sciences) and Social Sciences (Environmental Decision Making, Development Management, Environmental Policy), my expertise lies in the integration and translation of both fundamental and observational scientific evidence into policy. My research focuses on mismanaged emissions of chemicals and I am specifically interested in emerging issues such as endocrine disruption and mixture effects. I am currently involved in the ATHENA Horizon2020 project related to chemicals interfering with the thyroid axis and participate in the European PARC (Partnership for the Assessment of Risks of Chemicals) co-funded under HorizonEurope. I also support the European Environment Agency’s activities related to the Zero Pollution Action Plan.

Research Interests:

Pollution, Plastics, Chemicals, Endocrine disruption, Mixtures, Ecosystem services, Transition to a bioeconomy, Systems thinking, Planetary health

Exemplar Projects

No exemplar projects advertised.

Phd Students

Olwenn Martin supervises the following DTP students:

Ushemegbe Rita Ekhareafo
Environmental Hazards and. . .

2021 (Cohort 8)

Larisha Apete
Brunel | UCL
Environmental Hazards and. . .

2022 (Cohort 9)

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