Eloise Marais

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Dr Eloise Marais

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Eloise Marais

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Associate Professor in Physical Geography


I lead the Atmospheric Composition and Air Quality research group (https://maraisresearchgroup.co.uk/) at UCL that includes 3 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral researchers. We use and develop tools, instruments and models to inform action on addressing pressing societal issues such as air pollution, climate change, and public and ecosystem health.

I foster a vibrant research culture of supportiveness, inclusion and collegiality and train students to conduct rigorous and independent research and to effectively network with and communicate their research to other scientists, the media, policymakers, and the general public. Members of my group have been interviewed on BBC News and many other leading news networks, been awarded best presentation prizes at leading international conferences, and published their research in high-impact journals.

Members of my group become part of large and collaborative international research networks based around the world, due to involvement in international modelling and measurement communities. These include institutes like Harvard, MIT, NASA, Cambridge, Nanjing University, and many more.

I have been awarded a prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant worth £1.4 million, obtained my PhD from Harvard University on a Fulbright scholarship under the supervision of the most highly cited Environmental Scientist in the world. Due to the immediate relevance of research in my group, I have been interviewed by the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, US National Public Radio, Sky News, Channel 4, and many others on the global health impact of fossil fuel use and on climate change that could result from a formidable space tourism industry.

Research Interests:

Air pollution sources and impact on human and ecosystem health and climate, atmospheric chemistry and composition, numerical modelling, science communication, Earth observations.

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Phd Students

Eloise Marais does not currently supervise any London NERC DTP PhD students

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