Gerhard Leubner

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Professor Gerhard Leubner

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Gerhard Leubner

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School of Biological Sciences

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Chair of Plant Biochemistry; Head of the Plant Seed Biology Group


Gerhard Leubner’s Seed Science and Technology Group conducts interdisciplinary research into all aspects of Plant Seed Biology, including dispersal ecological adaptations such as seed dimorphism (Aethionema), germination triggered by wild-fire in the Brazilian Cerrado, developing innovative environmental-friendly technologies (including with beneficial microbes) that refine quality, storability and resilience of crop seeds, and collaborating with industry to develop environmental-friendly weed management tools (NERC’s “The Business of the Environment”). High-quality seed is essential for enhanced seedling performance upon stress (climate change) and consequently for yield and food supply chain resilience. High-quality seed is important for habitat restoration projects in which we apply the seed technologies developed for crop seeds to the seeds of wild species to remove dormancy and stimulate maximum germination. To achieve this we collaborate with a wide range of local and international partners from academia, industry and organisations (e.g. RHS, Kew, CABI).

Research Interests:

seed dispersal dimorphism; smoke and fire as germination cues; environmental-friendly technologies to improve seed quality crop and wild species; environmental-friendly weed management tools; beneficial microbes in seed technology

Exemplar Projects

Gerhard Leubner currently has the following exemplar projects advertised:

Phd Students

Gerhard Leubner supervises the following DTP students:

Waheed Arshad
RHUL | Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW
Evolution and Adaptation

2015 (Cohort 2)

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