Ilia J Leitch

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Dr Ilia Leitch

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Ilia J Leitch

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Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology

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Assistant Head of Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology and Senior Research Leader in Character Evolution


I lead a team of Kew scientists investigating character evolution in plants. We conduct research aimed at identifying and understanding (i) how different plant traits interact and evolve to generate the diversity of plant life, and (ii) how key characters influence, or are influenced by, global environmental change. The particular characters currently under study range across all levels of plant organization from the genomic to the whole plant level.

Research Interests:

My own research is focused on genomic characters such as genome size, chromosome organization, and DNA repeats (see project: Uncovering the genomic diversity of plants) to (i) understand the origin, evolution and biological significance of the immense diversity of genomic characters across land plants, and (ii) determine how these characters impact at the whole plant level to influence how, when, and where plants grow and respond to global change.

Exemplar Projects

No exemplar projects advertised.

Phd Students

Ilia J Leitch supervises the following DTP students:

Marie C Henniges
Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW | QMUL
Biodiversity and Ecology

2018 (Cohort 5)

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