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Sarah Jones

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Sarah Jones
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2015 (Cohort 2)

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Determining the role of arsenite-oxidising bacteria in the dissolution of arsenic- and antimony-bearing minerals
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Environmental Pollution
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Karen Hudson-Edwards

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Joanne Santini

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Arsenic (As) and antimony (Sb) are potentially toxic elements that can have serious human health and environmental impacts. Arsenic- and Sb-bearing sulphide minerals contain high concentrations of these elements, and their dissolution can lead to water and soil contamination. Certain bacteria are capable of utilising As and Sb, as well as sulphur (S) to gain energy. However, the effect of these bacteria on the aforementioned As- and Sb-bearing sulphide minerals has not been studied. The aim of this project is to help determine the role played by microbes in the dissolution of these minerals, and the products generated by this process. The interaction between biotic and abiotic processes will be explored. Arsenic- and Sb-bearing sulphide minerals will be used in batch experiments. The results of exposure of these minerals to three strains of As- and Sb-oxidising bacteria will be observed and compared to an abiotic control. This will help determine the effect of the different microbes on the morphology, surface chemistry and dissolution of As- and Sb-bearing minerals over time. The genomes of the three microbes will be sequenced and microbial expression of genes associated with As-, Sb- and S-oxidation will be mapped to geochemical and mineralogical measurements.

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