Francesco Iezzi

Francesco Iezzi

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Francesco Iezzi

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2015 (Cohort 2)

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Structural geology, active tectonics, geodynamics; Analysis of the geometry of normal faults in a seismic hazard perspective.

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The effect of strain-rate and fault curvature variability on seismic hazard: a comparison between high and low strain-rate rifts

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Solid Earth Dynamics

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The role of fault geometry has been shown to influence fault evolution in a normal tectonic setting. It is therefore important to investigate how strong the effects of fault geometry and strain-rate of faults is for the evaluation of seismic hazard. The project is to study long-term deformation rates, in different extensional settings, in order to understand which is the role geometry plays in fault evolution. Moreover, it is important to define the existence of a correlation between long-term strain-rates and fault geometry, to confirm the hypothesis that high strain-rates produce low curvature faults, meanwhile high curvature faults belong to lower strain-rates. Will be studied the Coulomb histories for high strain-rates/low curvature faults and for low strain-rates/high curvature faults, to assess the difference in fault interactions due to these different characteristics. The aim of this project is to produce seismic hazard maps, to assess how much these are affected by values of regional strain-rates and fault geometry, and to define relations on the developing of normal faults in rifts with different values of strain rate.

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