Eleni Iacovidou

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Dr Eleni Iacovidou

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Eleni Iacovidou

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Life Sciences

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Lecturer in Environmental Management


Eleni’s research focuses on the life cycle sustainability assessment of natural resources and wastes. She champions the use of a systems-based approach, which requires a deep understanding of the intertwined multi-dimensional values, processes and structures in resources and waste management systems in order to identify trade-offs and unintended consequences, and highlight areas of intervention. She pioneered a new systems thinking approach and works towards its evolution into a practical tool that can support decision-making processes and guide policy development.

Current research areas are: sustainable circular plastics economy; food waste reduction and management; resource efficiency in the construction sector; waste electrical and electronic equipment management; recycling value chains; product service system; marine litter; circular economy.

Eleni is a chemist on the background, with expertise on environmental engineering and environmental management research following studies at the Department of Chemistry, University of Crete and the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London.

Research Interests:

Natural resources and waste management, lifecycle assessment, complex value optimisation, systems thinking approach, environmental governance, sustainable development, sustainable circular economy transitions, chemicals in materials, components and products, global value chains, whole life design, urban mining and reuse, digitalization

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Larisha Apete
Brunel | UCL
Environmental Hazards and. . .

2022 (Cohort 9)

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