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Renee Heijenk

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Renee Heijenk
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2017 (Cohort 4)

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The influence of spatial and temporal scales on landslide susceptibility: A case study in the East-Sikkim and Uttarakhand regions of India
Research Theme
Natural and Biological Hazards
Primary Supervisor

Bruce Malamud

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Secondary Supervisor

Joanne Wood

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CASE Partner
British Geological Survey (BGS)
CASE Supervisor
Helen Reeves

Landslides pose a significant hazard in the Himalayas, which is susceptible due to its topography, weather, and seismic activity. The aim of this project is to better understand how different spatial and temporal scales influence landslide domains and landslide susceptibility in a multi-hazard context and within the context of relevant physical processes, using two case study regions in India. The PhD project is co-supervised by King’s College London and the British Geological Survey, with the BGS an agreed CASE partner, and the PhD project adding onto the NERC/DFID LANDSLIP research project ( This PhD project will determine the influence of spatial and temporal scales on landslide susceptibility in two case study regions in India (East-Sikkim and Uttarakhand). Landslide susceptibility maps will be constructed using landslide domains and other landslide related primary and secondary data. A multi-hazard framework will be created to integrate with the susceptibility maps. Finally, the influence of different spatial and temporal scales on landslide susceptibility will be considered. The result will be a better understanding of landslide domains and susceptibility on different scales.

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