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Stuart Grieve

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Stuart Grieve

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Lecturer in Physical Geography


By training I am a geomorphologist and GIS specialist, having spent 10 years at Edinburgh University getting a BSc in Geology and Physical Geography, an MSc in GIS and a PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. During this decade I built up my software development skills across a range of languages whilst developing topographic analysis software for my research. My research now focuses on the development, implementation and application of topographic analysis and other computational techniques to answer questions about the short and long term evolution of planetary surfaces. I have a strong commitment to open research and see the development of robust, transparent scientific software as a key aspect of open science.

Research Interests:

planetary science, geomorphology, sediment transport, GIS, scientific software, slope stability

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Phd Students

Stuart Grieve supervises the following DTP students:

Will Flynn
Biodiversity, Ecology and. . .

2019 (Cohort 6)

Owen James
Earth, Atmosphere and. . .

2021 (Cohort 8)

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