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Dr Sally Catherine Faulkner

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Sally Catherine Faulkner

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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

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My work focuses on Geographic profiling (GP) and its use in conservation biology. GP was developed originally to solve the problem of information overload when dealing with cases of serial crime. It uses spatial data relating to the locations of connected crimes to prioritise the search for the criminal’s anchor point (usually a home), and it is extremely successful in this field. Previous work has shown how the same approach can be adapted to fields such as animal foraging, invasion biology and epidemiology. Despite the success of GP in a range of disparate fields within biology, the model’s application has to date largely ignored a great deal of spatial complexity and differences in habitat, many of which are likely to be important. The overall aim of my research is to further look at applying GP methods to ecological and conservation data sets, whilst developing the mathematics of the model and examining whether the combination of GP and GIS data can be used as a practical tool in the field to better inform conservation management plans.

My key interests are wildlife crime, such as poaching, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade.

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