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Anthony Dancer

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Anthony Dancer

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2014 (Cohort 1)

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Developing novel monitoring mechanisms to achieve adaptive management for enhanced environmental decision-making at multiple scales

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Biodiversity and Ecology

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Adaptive management, the iterative process of evaluating the results of alternative strategies and adjusting actions based on what has been learned, is oft touted as one of the primary goals of biodiversity monitoring, but is rarely achieved (Nichols & Williams 2006). A key step in achieving this goal is the design and use of mechanisms which capture information necessary to support decision-making (Keith et al. 2011). Existing monitoring systems struggle to provide suitable information as they were often intended for other purposes, and resources available for monitoring are limited. This project will address this weakness by evaluating novel mechanisms for monitoring biodiversity and conservation activities that support adaptive management at multiple scales. At the global scale, despite international agreement on biodiversity targets, the ability of biodiversity indicators to support decision-makers by distinguishing among policy options to reach those targets remains largely unexplored. I will examine whether and how biodiversity indicators can be used proactively to generate predictions of different policy outcomes, and enable more informed choices among them. At local and landscape scales I will evaluate the circumstances under which law enforcement monitoring systems can help to achieve adaptive management of protected areas, initiatives crucial for conserving threatened species.

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Background Reading

FZS / NC Zoo / Panthera / WCS / WWF / ZSL
(SMART Partnership)



Conferences and Workshops
  • BES 2015.
  • SCCB 2015.
Training courses
  • Tree climbing / safety, hosted by Sylvana Alta Ltd..

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