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Dr David Curnick

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David Curnick

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Behavioural and Population Ecology Theme

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My research seeks to understand the spatial and temporal behaviour patterns of sharks and tuna, and how they interact with both marine reserves and fisheries. These apex pelagic predators are under increasing global threat from both legal and illegal exploitation. Therefore, understanding the role that large marine reserves can play in the conservation of these species is crucial to improve their management.

A focus of my current work is based around the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) marine reserve. Through a multi-disciplinary approach of telemetry tagging, remote sensing and historic fisheries analyses, I am assessing the extent to which the BIOT marine reserve affords protection to these commercially important pelagic predators in the Indian Ocean, and whether it contains important sites for key life-stages such as breeding. I am also investigating the impact of the ongoing illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and the potential impact of fish aggregation devices (FADs) on the reserve.

Research Interests:

Shark, Tuna, Coral Reef, Mangrove, Fisheries Science, Marine Protected Areas, Biotelemetry, Marine Conservation, Stable Isotope Analysis

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