Adam Cotterill

Adam Cotterill

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Adam Cotterill

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2019 (Cohort 6)

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A comprehensive assessment of volcanic hazard and mitigation strategies at remote volcanoes: Manam, Papua New Guinea

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Natural and Biological Hazards

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Grants and awards
  • GRSG Student Award – The Geological Remote Sensing Group
  • Alessandro Aiuppa, Marcello Bitetto, Sergio Calabrese, Dario Delle Donne, Joao Lages, Francesco Paolo La Monica, Giovanni Chiodini, Giancarlo Tamburello, Adam Cotterill, Paolo Fulignati, Anna Gioncada, Emma J Liu, Roberto Moretti, Marco Pistolesi (2022) Mafic magma feeds degassing unrest at Vulcano Island, Italy Communications Earth & Environment DOI:
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Conferences and Workshops
  • Cities on Volcanoes. Talk: Remote Sensing of Thermal and Sulphur Dioxide Emissions at Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea.
  • IAVCEI. Talk: Insights into volcanic processes through satellite based measured sulphur dioxide and thermal emissions: Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea.
  • IAVCEI. Poster: Probabilistic Tephra Dispersal Modelling at Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea.
  • VMSG. Speed Talk: Application of the Dual Band Method for Determining Surface Temperatures at Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea.
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