Daniele Colombaroli


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Dr. Daniele Colombaroli

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Daniele Colombaroli

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Department of Geography

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Lecturer in Physical Geography


My research lies on the interface between Biogeography, Palaeoecology and Conservation Biology. I’m interested in how the information from past ecosystem changes (related to people, climate and time) allows biological responses to be better determined under future global changes, advancing our knowledge on climate impacts and socio-ecological responses in a future warmer world. The geographical areas of my research include biodiversity hotspots and key biogeographical regions for future global changes, such as Equatorial Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, UK and mountain regions in Europe and North America. The specific proxy data that I use include pollen, charcoal, sedimentological properties and tree ring stable isotopes from high-resolution archives, and covering temporal scales from annual tree rings to the millennial scale of climate variability. I’m interested in high-precision correlation of different archives and the way multiproxy, quantitative data can inform public understanding of future climate and land-use impacts.

Research Interests:

Palaeoecology, Dendroclimatology, Holocene vegetation and fire dynamics, past biodiversity, human impact, Conservation Palaeoecology

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