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Dr Paul Breeze

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Paul Breeze

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Department of Geography

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Lecturer in Climate Change and Environmental Science


Dr Paul Breeze is a Physical Geographer and Archaeologist, with interests in Quaternary climate dynamics and past human-environment interactions. He is a lecturer in Climate Change and Environmental Science in the Department of Geography.

A core focus of Paul’s research is refining our understanding of past climate change in deserts and its impact on humans and earlier hominins, by integrating palaeohydrological, palaeoclimate proxies, and archaeological data. His past work has produced new regional palaeoclimate syntheses, identified and recorded numerous new archaeological sites and palaeoenvironmental proxy records, and produced the most spatially detailed maps of palaeohydrology to date for the deserts of North Africa, Arabia, and western Asia.

He has performed fieldwork in deserts across Arabia, North Africa, and Asia since 2009, with field specialisms in landscape survey, UAVs, desert navigation and geomorphology, and the investigation of palaeoenvironmental, palaeontological, and archaeological sites.

Research Interests:

Past human-environment interactions, Palaeoclimate dynamics, Arid region Palaeohydrology, Pleistocene dispersals of Homo sapiens and other hominins, Quaternary hydrological and geomorphological fluctuations in deserts

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