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Mark Altaweel

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Mark Altaweel

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Professor of Near East Archaeology and Archaeological Data Science


Prof Mark Altaweel takes a data science approach to his research. He is interested in investigating a variety of heritage, landscape, and social-environmental topics in his teaching and research. Mark has been involved in numerous projects on the ancient Near East, application of complex system modelling, and use of machine/deep learning methods for insights on heritage and archaeological topics. He has also broad interests in the ancient climate, environment, and land use in the ancient Near East. Additionally, his work has been published in many leading journals in various fields, with application to modern and ancient studies.

Research Interests
Data science; Machine learning; Complex adaptive systems; Computational Social Science; Urban systems and complexity science; Image analysis and computer vision techniques; Natural language processing; Near Eastern history and archaeology.

Since 2011, Mark has been involved in fieldwork in Iraq, conducting geoarchaeological and landscape research in Northern Iraq, Kurdistan, and Southern Iraq. Recent work includes the Peshdar Plain region in Iraqi Kurdistan, Nimrud, Nineveh, regions around Nippur and Uruk, and Shalaii Cave near Chamchamal, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Research Interests:

data science, palaeoenvironment, palaeoclimate, ancient landscapes

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