Hannah Woodward

Hannah Woodward

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Hannah Woodward

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2022 (Cohort 9)

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terrestrial exoplanets, atmospheric and planetary science, planetary habitability, climate modelling & feedbacks, Arctic climate & sea ice

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music, cooking, bouldering, crosswords, board games

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Atmospheric modelling of tidally-locked exoplanets

Research Theme

Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean Processes

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Nathan Mayne (University of Exeter),


Climate models have enabled us to explore the governing processes, dynamics, and limits of the Earth system, including of the feedbacks that can drastically transform the climate. These models can also be used to study the diversity in other planetary climatologies, and in particular of the range of habitable conditions that might lead to the emergence of life. The most abundant group of potentially habitable planets are those orbiting M-dwarf stars, of which the recent launch and technological advances of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will aid further investigation. Preliminary modelling studies have shown that the atmospheres of these planets may be stable despite their tidally-locked nature, albeit with an unusual climatology which may have implications on their habitability. This project will serve as an inter-disciplinary investigation, making use of state-of-theart climate models and publicly available JWST spectroscopy data to study the atmospheres of tidally-locked exoplanets. This will include exploring the parameter space, including of spectral energy distribution and atmospheric composition, to establish the bounds, climatology, and habitability of the Terminator Zone, that is the region joining the ‘day’ and ‘night’ sides, and ultimately determine whether life might be able to emerge and thrive on such planets.

Policy Impact
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Grants and awards
  • DTP Enhancement Scheme – London NERC DTP


Conferences and Workshops
Training courses
  • Climate Modelling Summer School, hosted by NCAS. September 2023
  • Exoplanets by the Lake II: Geoastronomy July 2024

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