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Josh Pike

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2017 (Cohort 4)

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My PhD research aims to reconstruct the glacier dynamics of the Patagonian Ice Sheet during the last deglaciation (post 18 ka) using glaciolacustrine varves, and examining the role of palaeoclimate in controlling millennial, centennial and decadal timescale glacier fluctuations. This will include developing and extending the current varve chronology for Lago Buenos Aires/General Carrera, linking the varve data to other terrestrial, marine and ice core records for South America utilising tephrochronology. This will allow me to examine the influence of interannual climatic variability on ice sheet dynamics, potential leads and lags in palaeoclimate provided by these different archives, and importantly improve the deglaciation model for the Patagonian Ice Sheet within Central Patagonia.

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Extending the varve record for Central Patagonia: Assessing glacier dynamics and responses during the last deglaciation

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Past Life and Environments

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Ian Matthews (RHUL),


During the last glaciation and subsequent deglaciation, Patagonia was covered by an ice sheet, which has been suggested to have been modified by climatic forcing. However, there have been few palaeoenvironmental studies that have the required resolution to adequately test models of regional environmental change and changes in the behaviour of the Patagonian Ice Sheet at millennial, centennial and decadal timescales. This study will target high-resolution archives to build upon the work of Bendle et al. (2017a) whom created a 1000-year varve chronology on the eastern shore of Lago Buenos Aires. This project aims to improve our knowledge and understandings of glacier dynamics during the last deglaciation of Central Patagonia through the analysis of annually-laminated varve sediments and geomorphology from previously unstudied sites between 46-47°S. This study will reconstruct regional palaeoclimate variability at millennial, centennial and decadal timescales using varves and tephrochronology, as well as examining the influence of interannual climatic variability on ice sheet dynamics during the last deglaciation. This along with the morphostratigraphic evidence will allow for the improvement of the deglaciation model for the Patagonian Ice Sheet within Central Patagonia.

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  • INTIMATE Example Summer School 2018, hosted by INTIMATE. September 2018
  • Ice Core Analysis and Techniques, hosted by Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute. September 2019
  • Advanced techniques in sediment core analysis and core data visualisation, hosted by National Oceanography Centre. May 2019
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