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Marco Meschis
Geomorphology and Active tectonics, Tectonic Geomorphology, Structural Geology, Earthquake Geology, Seismic Hazard, Neotectonics, Paleoseismology , Earthquake Hazard and Risk
PhD Research
Solid Earth Dynamics

Quantifying rates of active extension and seismic hazard in the upper plate of subduction zones

I am interested in studying tectonic geomorphology and active tectonics in Southern Italy (Sicily and Calabria). I will be studying uplift rates derived from raised Quaternary palaeoshorelines which are commonly the only way to derive deformation rates from plate boundary zones over timescales that are long enough to average out deformation over multiple seismic cycles. Data spanning many tens of thousands of years are needed to average across transient strain rates associated with individual earthquakes, so that the results can be used to quantify and differentiate rates of long-term seismic hazard analysis associated with normal faulting earthquakes in the upper plate and tsunamis generated by slip of the subduction interface. I will map tectonically deformed palaeoshorelines in the field and on a DEM in the Calabrian Arc (Southern Italy), and date the associated terrace deposits using a combination of U/Th, OSL and cosmogenic dating. Regional study of tens of kilometres of palaeoshoreline sequences will be used to test the hypothesis that uplift is affected by local tectonics, identified by active crustal normal faults, rather than being affected by only slip on the subduction interface (see Roberts et al., 2013).
Prof. Gerald Roberts
Dr. Rebecca M. Briant
The implications of revised Quaternary palaeoshoreline chronologies for the rates of active extension and uplift in the upper plate of subduction zones.
Deriving uplift and crustal deformation rates in the upper plate of subduction zones from tectonically deformed sequences of marine palaeoshorelines; tectonic and seismic hazard implications in Calabria (Southern Italy).
A novel way of determining uplift using palaeoshorelines over the Late Quaternary; Synchronous correlations between multiple palaeoshorelines and multiple sea-level highstands.
Geology and Application for the Territory
Geological Sciences
Work & Volunteer Experience
Young part-time independent researcher (2013)
Birkbeck University
MSc graduated Researcher (2012)
Birkbeck University
I love arts (music, literature, figurative, etc), learning foreign cultures and languages. I love to write song. I am registered at SIAE (Italian Society of Author and Publisher) and some of my songs are published in Itunes, Napster, Amazon, Emusic, etc. I am very interested in learning foreign cultures and languages and travel all over the world. I believe these interests and activities make me a well-rounded person who is able to understand the world from many points of view, able to communicate and understand people with different backgrounds.
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