Alexandra McGoran

Alexandra McGoran

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Alexandra McGoran
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2017 (Cohort 4)

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Plastic pollution in aquatic environments.

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PhD Project
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The potential for trophic transfer of micro-plastics in Thames Estuary food chains
Research Theme
Environmental Pollution
Primary Supervisor

David Morritt

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Paul Clark

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Fishmongers’ Company
CASE Supervisor
Eleanor Adamson

Evidence for microplastic ingestion by a range of organisms in the Thames Estuary is increasing (McGoran et al., 2017; McGoran et al., submitted), however, further studies are still required. There is little data for whether ingested microplastics remain only in the individual or if the pollutants, or associated chemicals, are transferred through the food web to accumulate in predator species. This project will examine species from different trophic levels, such as shrimp, fish and seals, and organisms with different feeding types, such as predators, scavengers and filter feeders, from the Thames Estuary to identify the exposure routes of plastic ingestion. Such a study might provide evidence for the transfer of microplastics through feeding activity. In addition to this, the project will look at temporal changes in plastic, both seasonally and historically, by collecting from sediment core samples from Thames salt marshes

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