Kelly Gunnell

Kelly Gunnell

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Kelly Gunnell
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2014 (Cohort 1)

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Ecosystem services, urban ecology, urban sustainability and design, biodiversity, conservation.

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Mapping the role of green infrastructure in scenarios of hydrological ecosystem service provision to and within the world’s cities under climate change.
Research Theme
Biodiversity and Ecology
Primary Supervisor

Rob Francis

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Secondary Supervisor

Mark Mulligan

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Conservation International
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Cities will be where the impacts of climate change will be most acutely experienced. For some cities, these impacts will be increased surface water flooding due to increased precipitation and runoff. Understanding how green infrastructure, both in the city and in rural regions, can contribute to mitigating floods is crucially important for managing the risks of climate change. This project will take an ecosystem services approach to map and model the role of green infrastructure in the flow of flood risk mitigation to the world’s cities from their upstream catchments. In addition, detailed case study cities will be used to examine within-city ecosystem service provision. Both parts will first examine current conditions and then scenarios under various projections of climate change. The outcomes of this project will aid urban planners, city authorities and governments to determine: i) where and how much new green infrastructure to install, and ii) which existing green infrastructure and landscape features need to be preserved or expanded, in order to help respond to climate change impacts on cities.

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