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Alice CarterChampion
Tephrochronology, Sedimentology, high-resolution palaeoclimatic reconstruction, palaeoecological proxies, linking marine and terrestrial archives, looking at ice-dammed lakes, wide-ranging interests in much of palaeoenvironments.
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Past Life and Environments

Investigating the drivers and responses of climatic complexity during the Younger Dryas.

Investigation of the late Quaternary indicates that glacial terminations typically include abrupt millennial scale climatic changes, thought to play an important role in the mechanics of how deglaciations proceed. These, and past abrupt climate changes represent a severe test for climate models. Improving paleoclimate reconstructions of these intervals will develop our understanding of the mechanisms of glacial terminations and past abrupt events, which can then be used to test and improve climate models, and for future climate prediction. The Younger Dryas (YD) was an abrupt climate reversal during the last deglaciation, resulting in severe conditions across the North Atlantic region. Recent studies have revealed that in certain records the YD can be characterized by different stages (early, mid, late). Overall, this project will develop a systematic and comprehensive synthesis of structure and changes in the climate of the YD in the North Atlantic and Western Europe. This will aid the development of a mechanistic understanding of the evolution of climate through the YD. Conducting this synthesis at such high resolution will represent a significant advance in our understanding of glacial terminations and past abrupt climate change, and the extent to which climate models can simulate these events.
Ian Matthews
David Thornalley
Quaternary Science
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Assistant Lab Technician
Royal Holloway, University of London
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Alice Carter-Champion
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