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In order to be able to submit a project you must have a user account for the London NERC DTP website and be logged in. If you are a new user who wishes to submit a project, please contact Miss Kate Moore who will be able to create an account for you.

Please read our project submission guidelines before completing the project proposal form below.

Exemplar Projects

The list of projects illustrate the diversity of what is on offer.

Project Verification

To ensure that proposals are of appropriate quality and fall within NERC’s science remit, each proposal will be checked and verified by either 1) for non-UCL staff, Management Board Representative for your institution, or 2) for UCL staff, their Head of Department/Institute.

Once you submit an exemplar project via the project proposal form, the approver will be automatically contacted and asked to review your project. If approved, it will appear on the website within 10 days of approval.

Project Review

Supervisors will be contacted annually to confirm that their projects remain on offer. Without this confirmation from a supervisor the project will be archived. To restore an archived project, supervisors will need to log into their DTP account and complete the annual status check process.


If you need guidance with an aspects of this process, please contact Miss Kate Moore (London NERC DTP Coordinator) –

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