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Our training programme is set within a multidisciplinary environment. All Partners are dedicated to developing a multi-, cross- and pan-disciplinary London centre of environmental science doctoral training.

We recognise the need to develop student skills in new subjects and linking research areas between traditional subjects. Each Partner has submitted a selection of PhD projects falling within each research theme.

Below is the list of the exemplar projects available. Students are also invited to develop their own bespoke projects. Click on a column header to sort the table, or use the ‘advanced search’ to search for projects on a particular topic, in a particular research theme, or at a particular institution.

1st Supervisor Inst. Project Title Theme 2nd Supervisor Inst.
Aruliah, Anasuya UCL Structures and energetics of the auroral upper atmosphere and ionosphere Natural & Biological Hazards
Balloux, Francois UCL Can host phenotypic plasticity facilitate survival when environmental change and disease cause amphibian declines? Natural & Biological Hazards Garner, Trenton IOZ
Burgess, William UCL Terrestrial water storage in the Bengal Basin – piezometric monitoring to validate and complement GRACE observations Natural & Biological Hazards Shamsudduha, Mohammad UCL
Emery, Aidan NHM Non invasive surveying of parasites in wild otter populations Natural & Biological Hazards Lockyer, Anne BRUNEL
Faure Walker, Joanna UCL A long-term stress map of the Italian Apennines from long-term strain-rates and palaeoseismic records Natural & Biological Hazards Roberts, Gerald BBK
Faure Walker, Joanna UCL Temporal and spatial strain accumulation within the Italian Apennines from modelling and laboratory experiments Natural & Biological Hazards Sammonds, Peter UCL
Forsyth, Colin UCL The transfer of solar wind energy into the Earth’s Upper Atmosphere via high-frequency electromagnetic waves Natural & Biological Hazards Rae, Jonathan UCL
Garner, Trenton IOZ Investigating the genomic basis of virus-driven host species decline Natural & Biological Hazards Nichols, Richard QMUL
Johnson, Edward UCL Transient loading of structures under impact of finite-amplitude waves Natural & Biological Hazards Eames, Ian UCL
Kelman, Ilan UCL Climate change impacts on tropical atoll communities Natural & Biological Hazards
Kosmidis, Ioannis UCL Statistical assessment and prediction of damage from post-earthquake damage surveys Natural & Biological Hazards Rossetto, Tiziana UCL
Lockyer, Anne BRUNEL Developmental mechanisms in the disease transmitting host snail Biomphalaria glabrata Natural & Biological Hazards
Manning, Christina RHUL Ca isotopes as a potential tracer for CO2 in magmatic systems Natural & Biological Hazards Pogge Von Strandmann, Philip UCL
Mansouri, Afshin BRUNEL A data-driven approach for managing response to natural hazards Natural & Biological Hazards Kelman, Ilan UCL
Okamura, Beth NHM Can ocean bubbles help spread diseases? Natural & Biological Hazards Czerski, Helen UCL
Petrone, Chiara Maria NHM Timescale of explosive eruptions at popocatepetl Volcano (Mexico) Natural & Biological Hazards Downes, Hilary BBK
Rae, Jonathan UCL Changes in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling during substorm onset Natural & Biological Hazards Dunlop, Malcolm STFC
Rae, Jonathan UCL Understanding Van Allen Radiation Belt loss processes and their impact on the upper atmosphere Natural & Biological Hazards
Ross, Gordon UCL Statistical Modeling of Earthquake Recurrence Times Natural & Biological Hazards Guillas, Serge UCL
Routledge, Edwin BRUNEL Control and Prevention of S. mansoni transmission to Humans Natural & Biological Hazards Emery, Aidan NHM
Watkinson, Ian RHUL Palaeo-earthquakes, tectonics and seismic hazard of the Philippine Fault Natural & Biological Hazards
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