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Our training programme is set within a multidisciplinary environment. All Partners are dedicated to developing a multi-, cross- and pan-disciplinary London centre of environmental science doctoral training.

We recognise the need to develop student skills in new subjects and linking research areas between traditional subjects. Each Partner has submitted a selection of PhD projects falling within each research theme.

Below is the list of the exemplar projects available. Students are also invited to develop their own bespoke projects. Click on a column header to sort the table, or use the ‘advanced search’ to search for projects on a particular topic, in a particular research theme, or at a particular institution.

1st Supervisor Inst. Project Title Theme 2nd Supervisor Inst.
Barron, Leon KCL Measuring occurrence and fate of drugs in aquatic species using high resolution analytical techniques: potential for human exposure? Environmental Pollution Kanda, Rakesh Brunel
Baynes, Alice BRUNEL Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Investigating the effects of anti-depressants in aquatic molluscs Environmental Pollution Jobling, Susan BRUNEL
Chaudhary, Abdul BRUNEL Metal recovery from secondary and low-grade primary sources using green solvents Environmental Pollution
Clemitshaw, Kevin RHUL Interdisciplinary studies of seasonal fluxes of nitrous oxide and methane in treated forest soils Environmental Pollution
Di Tommaso, Devis QMUL Simulating the nucleation and growth of magnesite from multicomponent aqueous solutions Environmental Pollution Wolthers, Mariette UCL
Dubbin, Bill NHM Solubility of toxic element-bearing jarosite nanoparticles in soil and sediment Environmental Pollution Hudson-Edwards, Karen BBK
Fuller, Gary KCL New methods for determining sources of atmospheric black carbon in urban areas Environmental Pollution
Green, David KCL Measurements of vehicle emissions in London Environmental Pollution Smith, Steven RHUL
Henderson, Lesley Brunel Public Perceptions of Plastics – From Pollution to Solutions Environmental Pollution Jobling, Susan Brunel
Hier-Majumder, Saswata RHUL Numerical modeling of pollutant transport by porous flow Environmental Pollution
Jobling, Susan BRUNEL Investigating the impact of microplastics on wildlife and human health Environmental Pollution Silva, Elisabete BRUNEL
Jobling, Susan BRUNEL Reducing drug waste in the aquatic environment Environmental Pollution Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL
Jobling, Susan BRUNEL Unravelling the role of water chemistry and ecology in causation of diseases in frogs Environmental Pollution Sayer, Carl UCL
Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL Drugs of abuse – A study of the environmental fate and treatment of illicit drugs Environmental Pollution Barron, Leon KCL
Kanda, Rakesh BRUNEL A study of the environmental occurrence and impact of Herbal Medicines Environmental Pollution Jobling, Susan BRUNEL
Kortenkamp, Andreas Brunel Emerging pollutants in fish – Developing rational approaches for prioritisation from the perspective of mixture toxicology Environmental Pollution Kanda, Rakesh Brunel
Lowry, David RHUL Fugitive Methane Emissions in the UK and their Impacts on the Urban Atmosphere Environmental Pollution Nisbet, Euan RHUL
Manivannan, Nadarajah Brunel Study of the Chemistry of Microwave Regeneration Process of NOx and VoC Adsorbed Granular Activated Carbon Environmental Pollution Balachandran, Wamadeva Brunel
Maslin, Mark UCL Integrated satellite analysis to monitor water leakage from pipe networks Environmental Pollution
Müller, Wolfgang RHUL Human nails and teeth as time-resolved archives of heavy me-tal(loid) exposure via laser-ablation mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) Environmental Pollution Harrington, Chris Supra-Regional-Assay Service
Rose, Neil UCL The response of trace metal contaminant burden in aquatic biota to atmospheric emission reductions Environmental Pollution
Routledge, Edwin Brunel Prevalence and Ecotoxicological Risk of Retinoids in the Environment Environmental Pollution Kanda, Rakesh Brunel
Routledge, Edwin Brunel The ‘Trojan Horse’ – transfer of chemicals to animals from sediments by microplastics Environmental Pollution Spencer, Kate QMUL
Scrimshaw, Mark BRUNEL Evaluating the performance of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems using Enfield as a Case Study Environmental Pollution Spencer, Kate UCL
Scrimshaw, Mark BRUNEL Chemicals in the home: assessment of the challenge for wastewater treatment Environmental Pollution
Shamsudduha, Mohammad UCL Groundwater salinity and drinking water supply in coastal Bangladesh Environmental Pollution Burgess, William UCL
Sturzenbaum, Stephen KCL Assessment of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the nematode: an invertebrate model for a complex discipline Environmental Pollution Arlt, Volker KCL
Sumpter, John BRUNEL Which human pharmaceuticals pose the greatest threat to aquatic organisms? Environmental Pollution
Tennyson, Jonathan UCL Accurate computed transition intensities for isotopically substituted CO2 molecules Environmental Pollution
Trimmer, Mark QMUL A new dynamic for phosphorus in the global nitrogen cycle Environmental Pollution
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