PhD Exemplar Projects

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1st Supervisor Inst. Project Title Theme 2nd Supervisor Inst.
Francis, Rob KCL Water quality impacts of chicken farms along the River Wye Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Chadwick, Michael KCL
Francis, Rob KCL Environmental impacts of artificial lawns Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Chadwick, Michael KCL
Frantz, Laurent QMUL Developing the Role of Museum Collections in Mammalian Conservation Genomics: SE Asia as a Case Study Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Barnes, Ian NHM
Fumagalli, Matteo QMUL Natural selection during recent phenotypic evolution in domesticated species Evolution & Adaptation Frantz, Laurent QMUL
Fumagalli, Matteo QMUL The genetic basis of adaptation to rapid environmental changes across species Evolution & Adaptation Andres, Aida UCL
Gomez-Robles, Aida UCL Hominin brain evolution in a comparative context Evolution & Adaptation Soligo, Christophe UCL
Greig, Duncan UCL What makes different species different? Interbreeding incompatible yeast species to map their differences. Evolution & Adaptation Nichols, Richard QMUL
Grieve, Stuart QMUL Identifying topographic signatures of ancient and modern Martian surface processes Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Grindrod, Peter NHM
Grieve, Stuart QMUL Quantifying interactions between topographic variability and forest structure Environmental Physics & Mathematical Modelling Wharton, Geraldene QMUL
Hacklay, Muki UCL Identifying systematic biases in citizen science and crowdsourced geographic information Environmental Physics & Mathematical Modelling Basiri, Ana UCL
Hammond, James BBK Seismically Imaging beneath Paektu/Changbaishan Volcano Solid Earth Dynamics Ballmer, Maxim UCL
Hammond, James BBK Imaging magma storage beneath the Canary Islands Solid Earth Dynamics Petrone, Chiara Maria NHM
Hellenthal, Garrett UCL Unearthing how intermixing has driven adaption in human populations Evolution & Adaptation Andres, Aida UCL
Henry, Lee QMUL Symbiosis as an adaptation to changing environments Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation
Henry, Lee QMUL Do microbial mutualisms explain habitat specialisation in ants? Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Wurm, Yannick QMUL
Henry, Lee QMUL Major evolutionary transitions to obligate symbioses Evolution & Adaptation Martin-Duran, Chema QMUL
Heppell, Kate QMUL The future role of Citizen Science in catchment management Environmental Hazards & Pollution Haklay, Muki UCL
Holmes, Jonathan UCL Regional climate and water sustainability in Southern Africa: tracking hydroclimate using water isotopes Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Taylor, Richard UCL
Hopley, Philip BBK Stable Isotope Dietary Ecology of African Carnivores: Past and Present Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Carbone, Chris IOZ
Hurd, Paul QMUL The Honey Bee: An Emerging Model Organism for Epigenetics. Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Lowe, Rob QMUL
Iacovidou, Eleni Brunel Life Cycle Assessment of PLA in the food packaging sector Environmental Hazards & Pollution Martin, Olwenn Brunel
Iacovidou, Eleni Brunel Regenerative agriculture: exploring the interrelationships between food-soil-plastics Environmental Hazards & Pollution Martin, Olwenn Brunel
Irvine, Peter UCL The aridity, drought and biodiversity impacts of Solar Geoengineering Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Newbold, Tim UCL
Jenner, Ronald NHM Profiling the venomous defense system of sea urchins Evolution & Adaptation Oliveri, Paola UCL
Jennings, Eleanor BBK The origin of Paektu volcano and associated magmatism in N Korea Solid Earth Dynamics Hammond, James BBK
Johnson, Edward UCL Transient loading of structures under impact of finite-amplitude waves Natural & Biological Hazards Eames, Ian UCL
Jones, Kate UCL Understanding the response of disease vectors to land-use change Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Newbold, Tim UCL
Jones, Kate UCL Biome Health – Tracking the response of wildlife across gradients of human pressure Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Carbone, Chris IOZ
Katsou, Evina Brunel Towards net Zero Carbon Wastewater Service Environmental Hazards & Pollution Van den Hout, Ardo UCL
Kilburn, Chris UCL Forecasts and Warnings of Volcanic Eruptions Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Meredith, Phil UCL
Koelemeijer, Paula UCL Imaging the multi-scale landscape of the core-mantle boundary Solid Earth Dynamics Ferreira, Ana UCL
Koricheva, Julia RHUL Effects of forest diversity on aquatic-terrestrial linkages and processes Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Kratina, Pavel QMUL
Kostkova, Patty UCL Big data and mobile technology for health emergencies in Brazil and LMIC countries Environmental Physics & Mathematical Modelling Jones, Kate UCL
Lane, Nick UCL The origin of metabolism and heredity Past Life & Environments Ward, John UCL
Laumer, Christopher NHM Comparative genomics of Gnathifera, an enigmatic clade of spiralian worms with significance to early animal evolution Evolution & Adaptation Marletaz, Ferdinand UCL
Laumer, Christopher NHM Accessing nuclear genome data from invertebrate natural history collections, with applications in deep metazoan phylogenetics and comparative genomics Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Marletaz, Ferdinand UCL
Leadbeater, Elli RHUL Evolution of communication: decoding the honeybee tremble dance Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Portugal, Steve RHUL
Leadbeater, Elli RHUL Evolution of the honeybee waggle dance Evolution & Adaptation Jansen, Vincent RHUL
Letessier, Tom IOZ Where are the last strongholds of marine predators in the pelagic realm? Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Eizaguirre, Christophe QMUL
Letessier, Tom IOZ When the cat is away, the mouse will play: maximising effectiveness of marine enforcement and monitoring in the 21st century Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Jones, Kate UCL
Leubner, Gerhard RHUL Fire-adapted seed and fruit traits in Cerrado species: adaptation to smoke and heat generated by wild-fires in the Brazilian biodiversity hotspot Evolution & Adaptation Garcia, Cristina RHUL
Little, Susan UCL Tracing siderite oxidation on the early Earth with Copper isotopes Past Life & Environments Shields-Zhou, Graham UCL
Little, Susan UCL Tracing heavy metal pollution from source to sink using isotopic analyses Environmental Hazards & Pollution Schillereff, Daniel KCL
Liu, Emma UCL Defining the source parameters for operational models of ash resuspension Earth, Atmosphere & Ocean Processes Mitchell, Tom UCL
Mannion, Philip UCL Integrating past archives of crocodylians into diversity baselines and future projections Past Life & Environments Turvey, Samuel IOZ
Mannion, Philip UCL Neuroanatomical insights into the early evolution and biogeographic history of alligatoroid crocodylians Past Life & Environments Upchurch, Paul UCL
Margiotta-Casaluci, Luigi KCL Neuroactive drugs in the aquatic environment – understanding their mixture effects in fish using network biology approaches Environmental Hazards & Pollution Sturzenbaum, Stephen KCL
Marletaz, Ferdinand UCL Hypervariable genomes, regulation and conservation in sea urchins Evolution & Adaptation Oliveri, Paola UCL
Martin-Puertas, Celia RHUL Extending the Holocene tephrochronological framework for palaeoclimate and palaeoecological records into southern Europe Past Life & Environments Blockley, Simon RHUL
Martin-Puertas, Celia RHUL Evaluating the impact of North Atlantic atmospheric circulation modes on the limnological evolution of Diss Mere, Norfolk Past Life & Environments Brierley, Chris UCL
Matthews, Tom KCL The impact of climate change, cleaner skies, and stratospheric aerosol geoengineering on extreme humid heat in the sub-tropics Environmental Hazards & Pollution Irvine, Peter UCL
Maynard, Daniel UCL Forecasting how forest communities will respond to climate change and invasive species Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Newbold, Tim UCL
Maynard, Daniel UCL Quantifying forest structure and function over successional time Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Catford, Jane KCL
McFall, Katie UCL De-risking tailings from copper mining: mineralogical and geochemical controls on environmental impacts and resource potential under different climate conditions. Environmental Hazards & Pollution Herrington, Richard NHM
Miller, Thomas Brunel Understanding health impacts for aquatic wildlife exposed to neonicotinoid pesticides Environmental Hazards & Pollution Routledge, Edwin Brunel
Murray, Gemma UCL Reservoirs of resistance: the effect of ecological shifts on the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens Evolution & Adaptation Bridle, Jon UCL
Murrell, David UCL Linking patterns and processes in tropical forests Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Olhede, Sofia UCL
Murrell, David UCL Advancing understanding of UK biodiversity trends and drivers of change using biological records Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Gregory, Richard UCL
Ng, Kok Siew Brunel Development of Sustainable Organic Waste Management Strategies for England Environmental Hazards & Pollution Iacovidou, Eleni Brunel
Nichols, Richard QMUL Genomic analysis of adaptation to environmental change Evolution & Adaptation Buggs, Richard QMUL
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