Pavel Kratina

Pavel Kratina is a Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology at Queen Mary University of London. His earlier work identified and tested ecological mechanisms that enhance the prevalence of weak interaction strengths in nature and explained how diversity per se stabilizes diverse ecosystems. As a past NSERC postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia (Canada), Pavel focused his research on the destabilizing effects of climate warming. He has been an active member of multiple international synthesis groups, and has helped to develop a novel theoretical framework for predicting temperature effects on trophic dynamics and stability. During his fellowships at the University of California, Davis (USA) and Monash University, Melbourne (Australia), he showed how invasive zooplankton species alter complex natural food webs. Pavel is an Associate Editor for Ecology and Evolution, Review Editor for Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, and Communications Officer for British Ecological Society Aquatic Group (BESAG).

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