Martin Wooster

Martin Wooster joined the Department of Geography in 1998 on a lectureship funded by the NERC Earth Observation Science Initiative (one of four such lectureships awarded nationally in the UK). In 2005 he was appointed Professor of Earth Observation Science at King’s College London. Martin holds a BSc in Physics (Bristol) and an MSc in Remote Sensing (University of London), with a PhD in Earth Sciences (Open University) that focused on exploiting the ATSR instrument for the remote sensing of active volcanoes. Recently his group at KCL have been instrumental in developing the operational Fire Radiative Power (FRP) product from the Meteosat Second Generation satellites, available free in real-time from the EUMETSAT Land Satellite Applications Facility (Land SAF). Professor Wooster is a PI in the NERC National Center for Earth Observation.

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