Becky Briant

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography with a specific focus on Quaternary Science. She works on Quaternary palaeoevironments, river activity, modelling and dating techniques. She is the Meetings Officer for the Quaternary Research Association and also involved in the Fluvial Archives Group (FLAG) and FACSIMILE (Field And Computer SIMulation in Landscape Evolution) network.

Expert in Quaternary palaeoenvironments, with particular interests in sediment dating methods (OSL, radiocarbon), fluvial sequences and integrating geological data with numerical modelling. she is currently working on improving radiocarbon pretreatments on plant material, which is both important and timely, and supported by a NERC Radiocarbon Facilities Grant, in collaboration with Dr Harry Langford (Geography, Birkbeck), Dr Fiona Brock (Cranfield Forensic Institute) and Professor Danielle Schreve (Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London)

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