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SAERI is offering funding for a London NERC DTP student to undertake a three-month internship.

Internship Details

The student would be hosted by SAERI, which is located in the Falkland Islands. SAERI is delivering a suite of natural capital assessments in the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories, working closely with Governments to ensure the assessments are policy-relevant. Both monetary and non-monetary valuations, plus value maps, are being produced and scenarios will be used to explore how these values might change under different futures or management options. We would like to work with the student to develop a project which feeds into this framework, which might involve any combination of economic valuations, field-work, GIS mapping and desk-based research.

One research area we are interested in is an assessment of the potential value to the Falkland Islands’ economy of cetacean watching. This would require collating and analysing environmental, social and economic data, and considering the impacts which a growing industry would have on wild cetacean populations and existing ecosystem services. Whilst in the Falkland Islands there may also be opportunities to assist in field-work for other projects and take part in dive surveys with the Shallow Marine Surveys Group (if qualified to do so). Start date is flexible.

The cetacean study is an area we would be interested to pursue, but we are fairly open to suggestions from the student and happy to work with them to develop something that is of interest to them and of use for the project.


This fully-funded internship is available to London NERC DTP students in all cohorts. The start date is flexible, but internships cannot cross academic years. Please contact Claire Asher for more information about the internship scheme, or Ness Smith ( to discuss project ideas.



Applications for internship funding are now closed.

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